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Shipping An Expensive Car

When you have an expensive car like a Mercedes or a Rolls Royce, chances are that budget is not a problem for you. In fact, you might even be willing to pay the extra dollar to see that the spotless car remains spotless. In such cases, you must know that expensive cars cannot be handled in the same way as other inexpensive cars. Even a small scratch on an expensive car can run up to hundreds of dollars and you will also not want just about anybody to take care of your car. So here are a few tips that will help you in shipping an expensive car.


Choose a Specialist

Most car moving companies will be willing to ship your car for you but they might not know how to care for your car. So do not choose companies that cater to all kinds of cars. Rather choose ones that are dedicated to moving only expensive and one-of-a-kind cars. These companies will not hire amateurs to handle your car and they will have equipment and vehicles that are built specifically for expensive cars. This is vital as such tools will minimize damages that can occur during transit. They will also be prepared to take care of any problems that might occur on the way.


Checking the Credentials

Everything may seem alright but it is still better to do some extra research than to be sorry later on. The research that is recommended is not “googling” but going to the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration which gives a lot of information about motor transport companies that can save you a lot of money, scratches and heartache. The website would have recorded the company’s history and you can also check whether the company has any lawsuit filed against it. So even if the company claims that they are specialists, check them out before entrusting your luxurious toy into their hands.


The Right Vehicle to Transport Your Expensive Car

Most expensive car transport companies would only use enclosed vehicles for transportation. Although they are more expensive than open carriers, they will help to ship the car with minimal damages. In case the company has open carriers, ask them whether they also transport other kinds of cars.  If they do, then they are not specialists and you can start your search again. Always go the company to see their vehicles and the way they do things. Never depend upon hearsay and always do your own research.


Don’t Keep Anything Inside the Car

You might have heard this before but this is still an important point. Keeping things inside the car might damage the car while it is being moved. Even worse, it can act as a projectile and cause severe damages to the insides of the car as well as to other cars that are being shipped along with it. Moreover, such damages will not be covered by insurance companies and you might end up paying for all the damages. So keep your car interior clean and do not leave anything that could become a potential problem.

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