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Shipping Cars On A Budget?

You might have bought a new car online or have an old one that you want transported to your new home. Also there might be several options online advising you to part with your precious money all in the name of transportation. However, do not believe all that you read for there are several cheaper options that can save you a bundle of money.  Even if you were to hire an auto transport company to do the job for you, there are several tricks that can help you out.


Combine to Save Money

Rather than going in for a small van or truck which can just fit in one car, go in for bigger carriers which can carry more than 5 cars at a time. In that way, you can actually divide the cost, so to speak, and get a cheaper rate for transportation.


Driving it all the Way

Some people suggest that driving your car to the destination will be the cheaper option. However, you will have to consider the gas that you will be using and in case the journey spans several days, then you will have to pay for meals and your stay along the way. The plot will thicken when your car breaks down and you will have to pay for emergency repair services. So consider driving as an option only if the distance is less and you do not have to pay for motels and keep your fingers crossed for no accidents to occur.


Make the Car as Light as Possible

Do not put anything inside your car as that might make the car heavy which in turn will increase the price of shipment. Also, your insurance would most probably not cover for the goods and will not cover for any damages occurred to the car or the goods during transit. Also keep only just enough gas for the car to be driven in and out of the carrier. However, that does not mean that you should remove the hubcaps and it is probably just an urban legend that has grown wings in the recent years.


Easy Pickup and Delivery can Knock-Off the Dollars

Keeping in mind that it is a car that we are talking about and that there is no need for the transportation company to make difficult journeys to the interior of a small town, you can always drive the car to an easy pickup point so that you save on the miles.  Similarly, you can arrange to pick up the car from a terminal rather than have them deliver it at your door. Just be sure to be there on time as some companies might charge you by the hour and you will have to pay for your tardiness.


Don’t Rely on Quotes

Online quotes have become famous as they will give you an estimate within seconds. However, the quotes are only for basic information and you will need to have a chat with a consultant before you believe the quote that they give. Sometimes, the quote might include services that you do not need and sometimes you might end up paying for services that you never used.  So do not miss out on the consultation and pay for only what you really need.

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